Friday, 3 August 2007


I first read about these on a thread on
UKScrappers, and the storey goes, as is my
understanding of it,. An artist was teaching a
class of students, art obviously, and for there
next class had come up with a new challenge
in which each student had to create 10
1" inch altered squares of chipboard.
They could paint them or alter them, sort
of like miniture atc's, and then trade them
or not if they wanted to keep them :)

Inchies Set 1

This is an inchie Phone/Bag/Key ring Charm Book.
I came up with the idea after I made
my first lot of inchies :) I haven't added
any inchies to the pages yet and obviously
when I do they'll have to be flat on the page
or I won't get my book to shut properly :)

Inchie Book.

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mum on the run said...

Wow, your inchies and your book are gorgeous :)