Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Altered dvd Box given to me

Here is the gorgeous Altered dvd
box I got back from an altered art
swap I recently took part of on
UKScrappers :)

This one was made for me by Linda
Thanks hun xx

Saturday, 18 August 2007

My New Doo....................

This is how long my hair used to be...

It got so long that it tangled very
easly and I always had to wear it
up out of the way when ever I was
at work, tidying up at home and
when ever I had to go out if it
was windy.

And this how long my hair is now :)
I really like the new me :)
A Back shot of my hair :)

Sunday, 12 August 2007


Here are my Masterchef entries from
Entry Round, Round 1 and Round 2.

Masterchef Entry Round layout

Round 1 layout

Round 2 layout

Even though I didn't get through to
Round 3 this hasn't phased me at all
and the boost I felt for even getting
this far has been an experience :) Also
I want to say a really huge thank you
all for voteing for me and keeping me
going with all of your support very
much appreciated :)

Friday, 3 August 2007


I first read about these on a thread on
UKScrappers, and the storey goes, as is my
understanding of it,. An artist was teaching a
class of students, art obviously, and for there
next class had come up with a new challenge
in which each student had to create 10
1" inch altered squares of chipboard.
They could paint them or alter them, sort
of like miniture atc's, and then trade them
or not if they wanted to keep them :)

Inchies Set 1

This is an inchie Phone/Bag/Key ring Charm Book.
I came up with the idea after I made
my first lot of inchies :) I haven't added
any inchies to the pages yet and obviously
when I do they'll have to be flat on the page
or I won't get my book to shut properly :)

Inchie Book.

Scrapwest Best Friends :)

Here is the layout I did for the Scrapwest Challenge #40 Friends.
I decided to have a go at this challenge because of my
Scrapadoodlediva Team mates from UKScrappers :)
A lovely and friendly bunch of scrapping and crafting ladies
that I chat with on the forum as much as I can xx

Saturday, 28 July 2007

I'm a Rocking Girl Blogger...

I've been tagged and nominated as a Rockin' Girl Blogger by Caroline :D Thank you my scrapping friend, you rock :)

The Rockin' Girl Blogger idea originated from Roberta Flanaghan . It works like this ... you have to give her credit, put up the badge and finally, add 5 other rockin' girl bloggers to the list.

Now who will I tag first :D
Jen, Tag your it :)
Just Tagged Rachel :)

Friday, 27 July 2007

Altered DVD Box

This is the latest creation that I've had a go at :)

I reacently joined a swap on UK Scrappers to have
a go at altering a dvd box. I thought to myself this
looks like it might be fun to try and try I did.
Also as part of this swap we had to include a sort
of journal/book for our swapee's to fill in themselves
with what ever they like, colours, photos, favorite
poems or even as an idea book :)

The swap host is Gill, a really great cyber friend
of mine and of many others, and she was trying
this out just to see how it would go and thanks to
her for organising another altering challenge
I've really had loads of fun taking part :)

This is the dvd box front cover...

And this is the inside of the altered dvd box with book.
I've also add an altered dvd just for effect, it comes out
if my swapee wants to replace it with one of her own :)

Hope you like it Linda :)